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Here’s my TEDxUNC talk in 2017, about being homeless as a transman and a drug addict.

I’m a consummate public speaker and performer, whose foray into public storytelling was nominated for “Best Drama.” The Monti Storytellers

I have represented the transgender community at large, answering both abstract and highly personal questions with what I hope was intelligence and wit, for the School of Social Work, the School of Medicine, and a variety of collegiate groups for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and other universities and technical colleges. A sample of these questions (and my answers) can be seen here, where I answered via video a series of questions from Austin, TX professor Louisa Spaventa’s Queer Literature class, regarding my piece, “The Perfect Storm,” in Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation.

I’ve got some other videos here on the YouTube machine: ThaManSamP Channel.

And here are some press clips for my one-person show, “F to M to Octopus.” I’m always ready to read from or perform selections from this show, which has been called “provocative, painful, and hilarious.”

This has a nice chunk of my writing, in a review of “Gender Outlaws: the Next Generation.”: Book Review

To contact me for speaking, performing, skype, consulting, and general trananigans, email me at

Thanks for looking, lurking, and listening!

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