A Tide of Horror, and some Good News.

There’s an op-ed in the Huffington Post today that expressed the horror in Charlottesville, Virginia succinctly: White Supremacy is Demonic.

I’m not Christian nor do I have time for the Devil. There is something absolutely demonic, however, in seeing the rotten spawn of Nazi Germany, the confederacy, slavery, et al, be so emboldened and so violent, and unrepentantly homicidal. It truly is beyond my ken.

But then, so is Trump.

It’s times like these I suspect I’m living in some future coder’s algorithm, for whom this is all “entertainment.” It’s too surreal and distorted to be, well, real.

And yet, here we are. I know it’s the function of my privilege as a white person to feel this sense of surreality. I know that black people and POC have been experiencing this since the beginnings of this country. Our country. And for the umpteenth time already this year, I recommit to my work, undoing my own racism, dismantling my own misogyny, razing my homo/transphobia, and classism. I’ll do my work and I’ll do my part and more I hope.

Make me an instrument of Peace.

In good TRUNKY news:

My publisher, Trystan Cotten of Transgress Press, has been urging me to write a treatment from TRUNKY, to pitch to TV and the interwebs. Last month, I began raising money to take time off in the afternoons of August and September and focus solely on writing this. I just got back from four days of concerted writey effort at my friends Vickie & Don’s VRBO in Black Mountain, where once I saw a mama bear and her two cubs! The only bear I saw this time was my Episcopalian priest friend Vic.

Here’s the link to my fundraiser, should you be so inclined to throw a transguy memoirist a cash bone: TRUNKYtv.

Thus far I’ve raised over 2/3rd of my expenses for these months! Thank you and YOU.


I got to meet my own personal favorite writer, and editor, the VanderMeers! Jeff VanderMeer wrote the stunning Southern Reach Trilogy, and was oot and aboot with his brilliant partner Ann, editor of such canonical anthologies as The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories, pubbing Jeff’s brilliant Borne. 

Another of my favorite inspirers, Sasha Velour, performed in Durham. The Season 9, RuPaul’s Drag Race winner was gracious enough to receive a copy of Trunky and seem genuinely interested in reading it! I got to meet her assistant, drag artist Vigor Mortis, and this photo was taken by Johnny Velour, papa in the House of Velour. If I appear insane, it is because I am beside myself to be next to this Goddess. 20265122_10155708244964274_6541942969425749729_n

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