Booksarenotaluxury Hypes Trunky! Meanwhile, in Austin, Texas…


Books are not a luxury dot com will devote May to hyping TRUNKY! This org is spectacular and I highly encourage you to follow its suggested book buying schedule to make real change in both the literary and actual world.

I’ve been in Austin for a couple days, staying with my dear pals Andy and Brendan and their seventeen I mean four children, two aged Goldens, and Lorenzo the cat. Andy and Brendan (A&B) adopted their full family after discovering the two boys they were folding into their family had been torn from their sibling pair.

This may or may not be the queerest household I’ve ever had the privilege of being hosted in. Without disclosing too much, I’ll just say that the kids’ gender and sexuality possibilities have been encouraged to seed and bloom where they will.

I met A&B because Andy and I worked together for the Lesbian/Gay Rights Lobby of Texas for 4 years, during which time we passed the James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Bill, drawing necessary attention to Texas’ brutal treatment of its most marginalized.

It strikes me that his children are the actual embodiment of all the work he/we have done for gay rights. I am never so delighted as when I experience the sense of my own antediluvian homosexuality around younger people! As my pal Louisa Spaventa says: we elders have decades of bad messaging to undo.

Keep up the good work, young’uns, dismantle all the binaries, and buy your Uncle some teeth, wouldya? It’s not cute.

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