FEB: Reading at Quail Ridge / TEDxUNC Conference moved to April 2nd

February: I’m delighted to say I’ll be reading at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, NC, on February 25th, 7pm. Molly McGinn hopes to make it, and share her Trunky-inspired songs, “Hope Fiend” and “Ravens & Wrens,” with ya’ll. They’re lovely and transcendent and made our audience at Flyleaf Books weep, so bring hankies.

Sadly, the TEDxUNC conference was cancelled! All that work the organizers did; such a shame. There was a water emergency in the area and everything closed. I’m told that the organizers will reschedule, so stay tuned…!



This Thursday, I’ll read from TRUNKY (transgender junky)  for the Book Release Party at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill! Greensboro musician and long-time pal Molly McGinn will perform Trunky-inspired songs, along with the amazing Sam Frazier. These songs are painfully beautiful.

And there will be cake! 7pm Thursday, 2/2 at Flyleaf Books.

Then, on Saturday 2/4 after 3p, I’ll hold forth at TEDxUNC‘s 2017 conference. The subject is “home.” Come see, come hear, come home!

Thanks y’all.

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